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We absolutely love working with Paul Giannamore and his team at Potomac and highly encourage any serious business in the industry to build a relationship with Potomac right now, don’t wait another minute as they are truly the best in the business. Potomac is not just an advisor, they are a true, long-term partner in our growth.

Doug - Partner at EcoShield Pest Control, a Top 20 US Pest Control Firm

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In addition to being a parter at Catseye Pest Control, I am a transactional attorney with 25 years of experience and I have never dealt with anyone as professional and talented as Paul. His attention to the needs of the client, ability to negotiate and complete the transaction is superb. Anyone looking to buy or sell in the pest control industry would be extremely well served by Paul and his team. They added value, comfort, and experience that maximized the opportunity for all the parties involved. The entire transaction, from initial engagement thru the closing, was incredibly well thought out and supported by Paul and his team.

Anthony - Partner at Catseye Pest Control, a PCT Top 100 firm

"I couldn't have done it without Potomac...Period." - David Royce

"After three and a half years in operation Alterra shot to $75 million in revenue–at just the right time. In recent years consolidation in the$7.8 billion U.S. pest-control industry has been pushing valuations as high as 2.5 times revenue, twice the usual multiple. That’s been fueled partly by a string of U.S. acquisitions by Rentokil, a U.K. company. Last year Royce hired Paul Giannamore, a pest-industry specialist with the Potomac Co., a boutique investment bank, to negotiate a sale to Terminix, this one for an estimated $135 million. “He couldn’t have timed the market better if he’d tried,” Giannamore says."

Forbes Magazine, print and online edition, May 31, 2016

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